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From Our Wine Sage: In Praise of Wines in Boxes, Cans, and Beyond!

Editor’s Note: We’re excited to welcome our wildly knowledgeable Fairway Wines & Spirits experts to our blog. Andrew, take it away! 


I’m ready to declare victory in the battle for acceptance of screw caps as a viable — if not, in many cases, better — alternative to natural cork. Synthetic cork is an abomination and should be abolished, but that’s another rant for another day.

So now what? Should we be content that we’ve come this far? Never! 

I want Single Vineyard Chardonnay in a can and Cru Beaujolais in a juice box, and won’t rest until I get it! (Actually there’s probably a decent amount of resting involved, but you get the point).

This conversation should be much easier to have than the one involving cap v. cork because, in principle, the objections to using alternative packaging like cans, boxes and cardboard “tetra packs” are not only as few in number as in the screw cap debate, they’re nearly identical.

The first involves the question of long-term aging (glass is still the way to go if you’re going the distance), and the second, the ceremony surrounding the opening of a bottle (let’s be honest — tabs and taps have limited crowd appeal).

That’s it. Everything else, as far as I’m concerned, is securely in the win column for alternative packages. They’re lighter, simpler to recycle, and much more efficient to ship across countries and oceans than traditional glass bottles, making them a heck of a lot better for the environment. Remember the environment? The environment makes wine.

Lastly, they’re just soooo much more convenient. The tetra packs and cans are as easy to tote and tip back as bottles of water or iced tea. Bag-in-boxes take up little room compared to bottles, don’t shatter when dropped, and stay fresh for weeks after being opened. Win after win after win for wine lovers. Welcome to the revolution!


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