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Drink Pink! 3 Reasons to Celebrate Spring with Delicious Rosé

Three cheers for spring! The season of renewal has finally arrived, bringing with it baseball, Easter bunnies and a boisterous bounty of blushing lovelies we call rosés.

In particular, drier-styled rosés — the kind that have seen a huge rise in popularity over the past decade —  are, like cherry blossoms, suddenly everywhere. The good news for fans of pink drinks is that this surge in demand has had a beneficial impact on the supply, bringing us a bevy of irresistibly delicious and personality-packed rosés previously unavailable outside their regions of production.

If you count yourself a fan of faded fuschia, you can skip the rest of this article and proceed directly to your next bottle of blush. On the other hand, if you think that all roses begin and end with White Zinfandel, read on — you might just change your mind! 

Here are three great reasons to drink pink:

ONE: Roses are diverse – From still to sparkling, bone-dry to lightly sweet, light salmon to a near-garnet in color, rosé wines can offer a stylistic diversity that covers  nearly all the bases. Since rosés are made much like red wines (just with less grape skin contact), their flavors, from Aglianico to Zinfandel, can be every bit as varied.

TWO: Roses are versatile – A wine for all occasions? One could certainly make that argument for a pink drink that unites the structure of a red wine with the acidity and refreshment of a white. This split personality gives most rosés the unique ability to not only cleanse the palate, but pair effortlessly with a broad range of foods, from burgers to brandade, and sushi to souvlaki.

THREE: Roses are great values – This point should drive it home for the vin-curious and first-time pink drinker alike: roses are awesome values. While the most expensive versions rarely top $40 a bottle, the vast majority of offerings can be found for $15 or less – many for under $10!

So don’t be shrinking violet: consider drinking some pink the next time you contemplate what to serve with your pizza, pasta or poulet. Chances are, you’ll become a fan before the bottle’s done.

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