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These Gluten-Free, Internationally-Inspired, Totally Tasty Meals Make Us Happy

If we were to tell you there was a new line of super-flavorful meals made with 100% natural ingredients (absolutely zero artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives)…where would you look for it? In the FROZEN SECTION? Absolutely.

The company is called Seven Spoons. They team up with accomplished chefs to create restaurant-style dishes with bold, authentic flavors that are ready in 15 minutes flat. That’s way less time than it takes to order in delivery and wait for it to arrive. The meals are beloved dishes from Thai, Peruvian, and Indian cuisine–think Quinoa Vegetable Biryani and Thai Green Curry.

Indigenous ingredients and spices merge to create flavorful foods that also happen to be highly healthy. Seven Spoons’ dishes are all gluten-free, completely natural, and full of quality, wholesome ingredients. They all weigh in at less than 500 calories, too. Pick up a few…your tummy, taste buds, and body will thank you!


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