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20 Ways to Make Delicious Use of our New Fairway Tapenades

Tapenade is a beloved Provençal classic (the word tapenade comes from the Provençal word “tapeno,” meaning “caper”). We are proud to introduce our new line of equally awesome Italian-made tapenades with highest quality Italian ingredients.  They’re imported direct—straight from Modena to Fairway.

Choose from three wonderful varieties: 

Fairway Cheese & Pepper Tapenade: pureed sweet peppers, sharp cheese, and bright olive oil.

Fairway Sun-dried Tomato Tapenade: The sunshine concentrates rich tomato flavor, then juicy tomatoes get mixed with olive oil and herbs.

Fairway Black Olive Tapenade: Fabulously piquant Mediterranean black olives, capers, and olive oil.

You will find Fairway tapenades an incredibly versatile and useful kitchen staple. Stock a few jars in your cupboard, and a truly special snack, appetizer, or meal is never far. Here are twenty ways we’re using these flavor-packed jars of goodness


On pizza, instead of sauce. Spread a thin layer of tapenade, some roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, and crumbled feta on whole grain crust


Toss with pasta and roasted veggies. Shower with parmesan. Dinner is served!


Tapenade elevates any sandwich into something great. We love tapenade on muffalettas and Italian subs.


Or melt in a Panini with gooey mozzarella, arugula, and thick slices of tomato for an awesome lunch.


Need a quick, lovely app? Top slices of French bread with a schmear of tapenade and a crumble of fresh chévre.


Add a generous dollop to tilapia, sole, or cod before baking or broiling. The heat concentrates and melds the fresh, tasty flavors.


Serve in a bowl for a great appetizer or snack, beside raw veggies and your favorite crackers for dipping.


Thin the tapenade out with a swig of Fairway extra-virgin olive oil and add a touch of lemon juice.  Behold…olive vinaigrette!


Making burgers? Tuck some tapenade inside for a pocket of rich, savory flavor.


Grilling up steaks? First smear a spoonful of tapenade on top.


Rub chicken thighs with Fairway EVOO and tapenade. Bake or grill. You won’t be sorry.


Or pat under the skin of your next roast chicken. Now that’s gonna be a great roast chicken.


Swirl a spoonful into soup. We dig tapenade in potato leek soup, served hot or cold.


Tapenade for breakfast? Yes please! Spread on toast. Silky avocado and a fresh egg are highly encouraged additions.


Or fold a bit into your scrambled eggs, omelet, or frittata.


Mix it into tuna or egg salad. Yum.


Spoon over crunchy pork or chicken schnitzels…parmesan polenta on the side won’t hurt.


Perk up deviled eggs by adding a few tablespoons of tapenade to your favorite recipe.


Serve with pita chips and hummus. Bring a bottle of wine and you have yourself a picnic.


A gorgeous, easy summer appetizer: layer sliced tomato, fresh basil, a smear of tapenade, and Fairway fresh-pulled mozzarella.

And that’s just the start!  We wish you many tasty, happy moments with your trusty Fairway tapenade.

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