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Step Up your Game! Dos and Don’ts for the Ultimate Big Game Party

The Big Game demands a Big Party. That doesn’t mean a lot of work or a lot of stress…just a lot of fun, especially with these tips.

Do: Stock up on classics

Nuts, pretzels, chips, and dips are practically mandatory on game day. At Fairway, we make it easy to upgrade the basics. After all—this is a party! Make a beeline for our Dried Fruits and Nuts department.  Our almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashews, and more are simply bigger, better, and fresher. We mix up over 30 varieties of snack mixes to die for. All 30 are addictive and total snack heaven, but I’m a sucker for the Spicy Cajun Snack Mix. 

Fairway Tortilla Chips are baked fresh in our stores every day. Pick up a bag and pair with Fairway fresh salsa and/or guacamole. Break out a jar of our silky, crazy-making Cara Cucina garlic and artichoke cream.

Or mix up this easy-as-it-gets, crowd-pleasing spinach dip.

2 Minute Spinach Dip


1 10-ounce box frozen spinach, thawed

2 tablespoons Fairway extra-virgin olive oil

2 containers Fairway hummus


Squeeze the spinach to remove any excess water. In a food processor or blender, puree the spinach, olive oil, and hummus. Spoon into a dish and serve with chips.

Don’t: Get overambitious

The focus should be the game, your friends, and revelry. You want to be cheering with your guests, not slaving away in the kitchen. Keep the menu straightforward and the preparation to a minimum.

Fairway to the rescue! Blackened Shrimp from our deli are a big win—succulent, just-a-bit spicy, and universally beloved. Pick up a generous container of Crantastic Chicken Salad. Sweet-tart cranberries and juicy, white meat chicken are a match made in heaven.

So many completely non-ho-hum snacks are at your fingertips at Fairway. Provencale tapenade. Iberico ham. Handcrafted Italian antipasti. Anchovy-marinated Aragon olives. Fra’ Mani’s charcuterie, made with meat from Berkshire pork, an obscenely tasty heritage breed, raised humanely on small California family farms. Anavieja Spanish potato chips sprinkled in smoky paprika. 600 cheeses, and counting. So many choices, all so wildly delicious and blasphemously easy!

Do: Ditch the bags

You know that guy? They guy whose lap becomes the chip bag’s home? You won’t have to worry about bag-hoggers and crackling game-interrupting sound effects. Plus, everything looks classier poured into a pretty bowl or laid out on a platter.

Have plenty of extra napkins, utensils, and little plates for no-fuss snacking. This is the perfect occasion to whip out our biodegradable cutlery and plates (they come in all sizes and shapes!) so you can cut clean-up to the bare minimum and be good to the environment, too.

Don’t: Skimp on hearty foods

Football fans need substance, especially when enjoying celebratory drinks.

Pick up Fairway’s famous meatballs, or our handmade sausages (pair with Alsatian sauerkraut, aged a year in Riesling wine with fatback). Our chili is the stuff of legend. Serve it with some xxxtra sharp cheddar and a scattering of green onions.

Do: Quarterback some healthy options

You’re allowed to have something virtuous on your Super Bowl spread, we promise! Cut-up veggies make wonderful chip-alternatives for dipping. Baby carrots are great, but so are crispy Persian cucumbers, Zima yellow tomatoes, sweet sugar snaps, and crunchy jicama cut into matchsticks.

Our Mediterranean plates (find them in the refrigerated case by the deli) take snacking to the level it deserves. They are collections of vegetarian goodness that draw inspiration from Mediterranean regions—Sicily, the French Riviera, Tuscany. Stuffed with olives marinated in great olive oil, spaghetti squash, haricots verts, sweet roasted carrots, white beans and more, these make for festive, wholesome spreads.

Don’t: Fumble with the drinks

If you’re having a Super Bowl party, you’re going to need drinks. As with the food, simple is best. A few winning options are all you need. Bubbles in the form of crisp-tart Cava or Fairway Prosecco are a great way to toast the game with sparkles and deliciousness. Let us wow you with craft beers galore. Have plenty of beer chilled and buy more than you think you’ll need. Recruiting someone to go on a beer run in the middle of the game is a downer. As far as cocktails go: keep it simple. Mix a pitcher of punch or a big batch of sangria and let guests help themselves. 

Do: Sweeten the deal with homemade desserts

That is, homemade by our talented Fairway bakers. Think beautiful, festive Super Bowl cupcakes and cakes dreamed up and brought to life in our bakery. Or conclude the feast with Bovetti chocolate bars from the Périgord, simply broken into shards. It will be a total touchdown!

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