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Pillowy Fairway Gnocchi: The Speediest, Tastiest Dinner Ever

Presto! Pronto! Need dinner in a snap? Need GOOD dinner in a snap? Brand new, super delicious Fairway gnocchi are here for you.

Fairway Gnocchi are from the Veneto region of Italy, and they are by far the finest gnocchi in our considerable gnocchi experience.  They are made using fresh, specially grown, German potatoes.  They are delicate, light and tender, and you will taste the potato. 

Gnocchi (NYAW-kee) are dumplings, knots, knuckles made from wheat or potato.  They date back to Roman times, and are wildly popular in Europe and South America, as well as on trendy restaurant menus.


There is no easier meal! These tasty guys are ready in just 60 seconds. In fact, if you mess with them longer that that, you will damage their delicate perfection. The gnocchi require about a minute in gently simmering water–no more–and then they’re ready to toss with whatever sauce you love.

We have them available in three varieties: traditional, mini, and pumpkin. (They’ll cost you $4.99 in all stores, find them in the refrigerated deli case.) The mini are really cute. The pumpkin gnocchi are limited edition for the season, and are especially awesome blanketed in brown butter, sage, and plenty of Parmigiano-Reggiano. That’s what our Fairway Label Creative Director Armando did for dinner the other night. I’m jealous of his meal.

Lori, our Director of Trade and Product Development, had scrumptious success with kitchen sink leftover gnocchi. She boiled up some gnocchi goodness and tossed ‘em with the veggies and roast chicken she had from a previous dinner. It was not just a good meal, it was an awesome one. We’re proud to bring you these lovely, yummy gnocchi, and excited for the many memorable meals you will create with them.






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