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Local, Non-GMO Chicken Without the Big Price Tag Hatching at Your Fairway!

We know that you care about how your chickens are raised. You are what you eat eats! But there’s often a hefty price-tag on that organic chicken. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Murray’s to introduce non-GMO chicken at a more affordable price. Everyone wins.

Fairway Market is proud to make a wide selection of awesome non-GMO foods available at unusually affordable prices. It’s at the heart of what we believe and what we do: give our shoppers great quality and plenty of options, always at the best value possible. 

Murray’s Chickens are raised in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Lancaster countryside by a small number of family farmers who embrace a common vision of how animals, people, and the land should be treated. Murray’s Chickens are highly delicious, and certified Certified Humane and Antibiotic Free. And now…drum-roll, please…they are also offering Non-GMO Project Verified chickens!

What does that mean? These chickens feed on non-GMO corn and soybeans–crops most at risk for GMO’s. The feed is regularly tested, and certified by a rigorous, independent verification process from the Non-GMO Project.  Whole chickens, boneless skinless breasts, wings, thighs, legs, drumsticks, split breast, and boneless skinless thighs make a great choice for those who want to avoid GMO’s.

“We are reaching a tipping point in consumer habits and behaviors as it pertains to GMO’s in their food,” says Steve Gold, a Vice President at Murray’s Chicken and a friend of Fairway’s. Murray’s receives dozens of requests from customers each week asking for non-GMO chickens. “We are delighted to show them ‘we heard you’ with our Non-GMO Project Verified line of chicken.”

We are proud to be breaking a price barrier by offering ‘better-for-you’ non-GMO chicken without the organic price tag.  This makes non-GMO chickens accessible to more of our customers, and that’s something we can get behind.

Look for Non-GMO Murray’s chicken at your Fairway Market! They will be on our shelves beginning January 17. Also check out our vast selection of Non-GMO products throughout your Fairway, as we offer thousands upon thousands of USDA Organic products in our meat, seafood, dairy, frozen and deli departments…and beyond.

Worried about GMO’s? Worry no more!


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