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Meet Our Farmer Merv, The Man Behind Fairway Local, Antibiotic-Free Turkey

Fairway Market has always boasted a wonderful turkey selection, but this Thanksgiving is different. It’s the first year we have our very own Fairway Turkey, proudly bearing a Fairway Label. (PS: pre-order now! Today is your last chance, don’t miss it! Choose from Merv’s Fairway Turkeys and an incredible array of other fine turkey choices.)

Not just any ol’ bird would be worthy of the Fairway name. We wanted our turkeys to come from local farms; it was important that the turkeys be humanely raised; it was essential that they taste absolutely delicious.

Merv’s farm

And so we found Mervin. Merv’s family farm overlooks a stunning view of the Blue Mountain in Berks County, Pennsylvania. In addition to two poultry houses, the 220 acre farm is also home to a herd of 75 dairy cattle, and fields of corn and soybeans. It’s a truly beautiful place.

Merv’s farm supports his family of 9; his older kids pitch in on the farm.  The birds, which have never been given antibiotics, have room to roam in an enriched environment with access to vegetarian feed and fresh water at all times. This idyllic place stands is in stark contrast from a factory farm…it’s a true family farm, in every sense of the word.

Merv’s turkeys

“The three most important aspects of growing a healthy bird are 1. A grower that cares, enough to monitor the other two important things 2. Good food and water and ventilation 3. Enough space for the birds to feed and roam.” Merv has all these bases thoroughly covered.

Merv feeds his birds American grains – corn and soybeans – and never any animal byproducts, antibiotics, or growth hormones. Merv and his family are proud stewards of their birds and their land—they farm sustainably, composting and using eco-friendly materials.

Fairway birds are simply wonderful: fresh, never frozen, highest quality. Thank you, Merv!

Thanksgiving is a time to surround yourself with family, friends, and deliciousness…to pull out all the stops. We believe your table should be full of the absolute finest. Here’s a turkey we’re proud to serve your family and our own. Happy Thanksgiving from the Fairway Market family!

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