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How to Carve Your Fairway Turkey: Our Experts Break It Down

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. You’ve already pre-ordered your perfect Fairway turkey. Your home will soon be fragrant with cooking smells and buzzing with family and friends.

At my Thanksgiving table, grandpa carves the perfect Fairway bird with his whirring electric knife…oh so slowly, precisely, and beautifully. No matter your own turkey carving ritual, everyone could learn something to up their game from our experts at Fairway.

Learn how to carve a stunning Thanksgiving turkey with Fairway Market’s own talented Chef Vinny Olivieri. Vinny walks us through the process. Tradition might dictate slicing at the table, but we think your guests thrilled with this pretty, perfectly-presented centerpiece. 

Don’t miss Master Butcher Ray Venezia’s super-helpful, step-by-step turkey carving tutorial over at the New York Times. Watch the video here. Get some superstar skills for your Thanksgiving feast!

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and delicious Thanksgiving, from all of us at Fairway Market!

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