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Fairway Market Turkeys! There’s No Turkey Like A Fairway Turkey

Turkey CarvingFairway has always been a turkey destination. But this year, we’re taking our turkey game to a whole new level. “We wanted to bring in the highest possible quality turkey we could find,” says Dennis Bland, Fairway Market’s Vice President of Meat and Seafood Operations, “better than our customers could get anywhere else.”

So we set out to find turkey worthy of the Fairway label. We wanted our turkeys to come from local farms; it was important that the turkeys be humanely raised; it was essential that they taste absolutely delicious.

Score! We found small family farmers in Lancaster, PA, who have been farming turkeys for many, many generations. They are proud stewards of their birds and their land—they farm sustainably, composting and using eco-friendly materials.

Fairway birds are simply wonderful: fresh, never frozen, highest quality. They are fed a vegetarian diet of USA grains (corn and soybeans). What they don’t get are animal by-products, antibiotics, or hormones.

Fairway Turkeys are humanely raised in a stress-free environment—grown by experienced farmers who follow strict animal welfare standards. A whole wide world away from a factory farm. The taste? Truly fantastic.

We’re also offering Fairway USDA Organic Turkey…100% organic fed on organic land. They are free-range and GMO-free. Sustainably raised  on local farms- this is a turkey you can feel good about serving those you love. Absolutely antibiotic and hormone free, too. But what’s the point if it’s not totally tasty? These are exceptionally flavorful and succulent birds.

Or pick up a Fairway Pre-Brined bird. The brine plumps up the turkey’s meat, resulting in a juicier texture. Without getting too technical, the bird becomes extra plump, moist, and flavorful. If you’re looking for zero work, an oven-ready turkey from our catering department will do the trick—they’re cleaned, seasoned, and ready to go. We’re so turkey-obsessed, we even make a rocking turducken.

Or switch up your turkey game and opt for turkey breast. No more wishing there was more breast meat…the best part of the turkey! Our Fairway master butchers have taken a relatively simple concept in festive dining and have turned it into a masterpiece. Fabulously moist, juicy, easy to serve and oh! so easy to prepare. No pesky bones! No carving required! This one gets our thumbs up. 

For kosher families, we’re proud to offer Empire Kosher turkey. Fresh all-natural, and hormone-free.  These are meaty, high quality turkeys perfect for your holiday dinner centerpiece.

We also sell Murray’s local turkeys. They are fed an all vegetarian diet; never given antibiotics or growth hormones. Fresh, never frozen. And, there’s even more! Maplecrest Prime supplies all-natural turkeys, selected for juiciness and flavor. Produced only once a year specifically for the Thanksgiving holiday, Maplecrest exceeds all USDA standards.

Last but certainly not least–take your turkey game up a level and wow your guests with a Heritage Turkey descended from the original Thanksgiving table.

According to the USDA, Frank Reese and his team of turkey gurus run the only farm allowed to use the name “Heritage” on their label.  His turkeys are allowed to roost, fly, flirt, and roam the Kansas prairie! Reese and his team of farmers are incredibly committed to the welfare of the turkeys and the ecosystem. No antibiotics, anywhere, from hatching to packaging. Profits from Frank’s turkeys benefit other small, sustainable farmers and make the word a happier, tastier place.

Fairway proud to be the largest single buyer of Heritage Turkeys in the USA. But words are cheap–taste and see for yourself! These are very limited this year – be sure to order early.

Whatever your turkey choice, pre-order now! You’ll be all ready for an exceptionally wonderful, delicious holiday.


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