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OBE Aussie Famous, Grass-Fed, Organic, Delicious Beef

OBE is pronounced “OH-bee”, and it is the famous, Aussie grass-fed, certified organic BEEF that has been exclusive to your FAIRWAY for more than TEN YEARS NOW, and we are as huge fans of its flavor as you are!  If you want to get home with the finest organic grass-fed steak money can buy, and you aren’t yet aware that that steak is an OBE, well, then consider this an exhortation to partake of an item at Fairway that Fairway is so proud of that we can barely contain ourselves.  Proud that we’re the only stores that offer it,  proud that it tastes so fine, proud that the price is so low, proud that we go to all this trouble to offer it to you, and proud that you have been so receptive.

When 32 Australian farming families (some are second or third generation) – who have been producing certified organic beef since 1995 –wanted to take the traditions of the Australian outback global, they banded together to create the Organic Beef Exporters, or OBE (pronounced “OH-bee”), for short. They manage 16 million acres of certified organic land in central Australia’s Channel Country, named after the river and creek beds that cover the terrain.

This special region is what makes OBE beef unique. It’s geographically isolated from other farms, so it doesn’t get polluted by any neighbors’ chemical use. Channel Country range lands, produce lush, green grass following the rainy season. The cattle roam freely, feeding on more than 250 native kinds of herbs and grasses.

Research has shown that cows that graze on fresh pastures like these produce meat with higher levels of health-promoting conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and omega-3 fatty acids. A leaner red meat, grass-fed beef typically contains less total fat than grain-fed beef, and it contains higher amounts of stearic acid, the only saturated fatty acid that doesn’t impact total cholesterol.

What to do with this healthy, beefy goodness? Anything you like! Because the meat is leaner, adding juicy marinades and/or sauces is a good move. Burgers, meatballs, and meatloaf come out awesome. Grass-fed beef can get dry and tough if overcooked, so stick with medium-rare or medium steaks. Grill and top with Stilton butter: here’s a great recipe.


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