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Meet Jermaine Jackson and VITÁ Water Founder Shakira Niazi at Fairway Market, Red Hook

What are you up to on Wednesday, November 6th at 3 PM? If you’re wise, you’ll be with us at Fairway Market, Red Hook. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame alumnus and SALVARE LA VITÁ water fan Jermaine Jackson and VITÁ Water Founder Shakira Niazi will be holding court.

What is VITÁ Water? It’s unadulterated spring water collected directly from the source high in the Sierra Mountains.

And it’s water for an incredible cause. For every 31 bottles of pure water the company sells, VITÁ Water provides one person with clean water for 20 years, by building wells in communities around the world that need it most. Join Jermaine Jackson and Shakira Niazi in Red Hook next week to hear the whole amazing story.  

Water is water is water? VITÁ water tastes pretty darn awesome. It is the way nature intended water to be: purified and filtered through rock striations, which are chock full of natural minerals and electrolytes like calcium, magnesium chloride and potassium bicarbonate. The water has a natural alkalinity that is a close match to our own bodies.

Children helped by VITA Water

Children helped by VITA Water

Shakira Niazi grew up in Afghanistan. When she came to the USA, she worked hard to succeed and did just that, getting her MBA and quickly climbing up the corporate ladder. “Having grown up with very little,” Shakira says, “I was convinced that ‘more’ would give me the happiness and fulfillment I longed for. As I reached my goals, I realized that my inner soul – the part of me with childhood memories growing up in a third world country – didn’t have much respect for this person who simply lived a comfortable life.”

Shakira believed her business savvy could be put to use to help make the world a better place. She knew about the gigantic problem of dirty drinking water and its dramatic impact on the lives of so many people, especially women and children around the world. She knew she could make a difference. So SALVARE LA VITÁ water was born.

From his childhood in Gary, Indiana, to his career an influential, beloved solo artist, Jermaine’s contributions to pop music are incalculable. He is also deeply committed to charitable work–and the groovy face of VITÁ water.

SALVARE LA VITÁ means “saving lives.” Fairway is proud to support VITÁ water and their important mission to bring clean water to everyone. See you on Wednesday, November 6th!

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