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Fairway Wishes You A Happy, Scary and Sweet Halloween

Trick or treat! This veggie-tastic pumpkin is the brilliant work of Nancy Gallin, who works in Community and Customer Relations at Fairway Market…and who is a talented pumpkin decorator, clearly. We’re working away at Fairway, with the help of an extra dose of candy/chocolate/all-things-sweet and the Halloween spirit. Check out our afternoon snack: apple and peanut butter marshmallow teeth. Pretty awesome.

We’ve been eagerly anticipating this day, and here it is, in all its spooky glory. Without further ado, our beloved Halloween favorite treats: 

Peanut butter cups!

–Armando Gonzales, Marketing Director, Fairway Brand

One of my neighbors growing up was a dentist.  His name was Dr. Disney.  Every year for Halloween, he’d hand out crisp $1 bills instead of candy.  With inflation, the neighborhood kids may be getting $5’s this Halloween.

Other than cash money, definitely Twizzlers or red Starburst.

-Ian Pilarski, Specialty Buyer

Pretty simple but… I LOVE Reese’s!

-Alex Suazo, Project Manager – Mobile/Digital

Peanut Butter Kit Kat Fun Size Sandwich

Ingredients: 1 fun size Reese’s and 1 fun size Kit Kat


  • Unwrap and break Kit Kat into two bars
  • Unwrap Reese’s
  • Place Reese’s between two Kit Kats
  • Eat, and enjoy.

Best candy, ever.

-Ryan Casey, Beer Wiz

Kit Kats!!! I could easily put a bag down in one sitting.

-Michael Galeano, Operations/ Specialty Grocery

Sour patch kids, Caramel apples, and hot apple cider (alcoholic preferred).

Growing up, this lady in my neighborhood gave out this small white bag that had “POTATO CHIPS” written in red on the label…no other information featured.  They were the thickest, crunchiest, greasiest chips I’ve ever eaten and I dream of them…

-Kayla Moriarty, Content Developer/ Project Manager

Chocolate lava cake!! And those tin foil wrapped ghosts. I remember the good ole days of worms in dirt. I wonder if there’s an “adult” version.

-Shannon Ruetsch, Digital Content Manager

Zagnuts bars!

–Josh Wesson, Fairway Wine Guru

Candy corn, of course!

-Bill Sanford, President

My favorite Halloween food is those red paraffin lips.

–The venerable Steven Jenkins

Our talented Chef Vinny Olivieri carved up some rocking Nirvana pumpkins. Check ‘em out!

Happy, safe, and delicious Halloween from all of us at Fairway Market.

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