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Another Fairway First: Vinegar Drinks, From Italy

The most delicious thing we have tasted in, like, forever.  Highly addictive. I would know. There was a communal “office bottle” that quickly made its way into my stomach.

My afternoon ritual: pour a glug of vinegar goodness into a tall glass of sparkling water. Five minutes later, I am a more refreshed, happy Hannah.

What is a vinegar drink, anyway? At Fairway, we don’t follow trends; we start ‘em. Before my brilliant coworkers showed up with a few pretty bottles, I never heard of a vinegar drink, though I had heard that vinegar was wildly healthy. A friend of mine on a health kick downed straight shots of the stuff before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

A SWIG OF VINEGAR EVERY DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY.  This is common, homeopathic claptrap-style knowledge and lore. 

For thousands of years, vinegar has been beloved for its powerful properties in aiding digestion, boosting energy, curing disease, clearing skin, assisting weight loss, and more. This great juice contains high levels of mono- and biphenols, which are natural anti-oxidants, the enemy of free radicals. We’re not making any lofty claims, but drinking vinegar is clearly many times more righteous than, say, swigging soda. And cooler, and tastier.

We wouldn’t care if it didn’t taste absolutely delicious. Why wouldn’t it? Inside these bottles is absolute immaculate purity from our Modenese partners, the Cremonini family, whose acetaia (vinegar factory) near Modena in Emilia Romagna, the origin of balsamic vinegar, is one of the most famous in all of Italy. Read the ingredients. Nothing but grape must and highest quality balsamic vinegar.

Here’s what you do with your elixir: Dilute 5 to 1 with seltzer or any kind of water, tonic, whatever. ‘Drink Vinegar’ is a fascinating mixer for spirits – vodka, gin, rum, whatever.  Create your own cocktails.

Choose from five awesome flavors: CHERRY (ciliegia)  BLUEBERRY (myrtillo)  POMEGRANATE (melograno)  APPLE (melo)  GINGER (zenzero). Each of these bottles of ‘Drink Vinegar’ is the equivalent of THREE LITERS of this amazing stuff, once diluted with sparkling water or something more boozy. Get your hands on a bottle today!


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