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Take a Tropical Vacay at Fairway: Exotic Fruit Adventures

There’s a chill in the air. New York feels downright autumnal today. Think crisp apples and warm, spiced cider, scarves, and fiery leaves (those have not arrived just yet!). Our gorgeous produce section is full of Love Local fruits and veggies–the last of summer’s bounty. Plums and peaches are having their final, juicy-sweet moment in the sun; it’s the last call for wildly flavorful tomatoes and bi-colored corn from our local farmers.

Far, far away, far-out looking treats are being grown on trees and bushes and shipped straight to your Fairway (we never warehouse our produce!). If you want a taste of summer–or to close your eyes and channel white sand and bright blue sky and sea–these wonderful tropical fruits are a good start. Plus, they are so cool. Here are a few of my favorites. Try something new and wonderful today! 


Rambutan (pictured above) is as delicious as it is fascinating to look at. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly prickly exterior; it’s actually soft and inside it’s a sweetie! All it takes is a single slit along the equator or a quick bite to break the ripe rind. Then enjoy the juicy sweetness right out of your hand, but steer clear of the seed – it’s wicked bitter!

Baby Pineapples

These are naturally a perfect individual serving size, but if you’re feeling nice you can share. The sweet, tart flesh has a bold, rich flavor that will get you wanting to eat the whole thing by yourself. Use and eat like you would with a large pineapple…awesome in your fruit salad, or on the gill for sweet caramelized brilliance.


Native to China, this sweet, juicy and succulent yellowish-brown berry is a close relative of the lychee fruit. In Vietnam, where it’s known as “dragon’s eye”, longan has been used as an antidote to snake bites for centuries…it’s also believed to make skin glow and rev up the sex drive. Feed your lover some longans. They have a sweet, almost-crisp bite and a floral-honey flavor. A great snack on its own, or a sweet addition to salads or topping for yogurt.

Dragon Fruit

This brilliantly-colored loveliness is indeed the fruit of a cactus! It comes in a variety of different shades, both on the inside and outside, and tastes a bit like a cross between a kiwi and a pear. When selecting the perfect dragon to slay, look to see that the skin is even-colored; the fruit will be only slightly soft when ripe. Dragon fruit is tasty and pretty in fruit salads and smoothies. Plus, its full of Vitamin C, calcium, fiber, and antioxidants.

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