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Introducing Boneless Chuck Flaptail: An Unsung, Delicious Beef Cut

When you have a butcher you can trust, your Fairway butcher, you will be steered towards seriously great meat. Like the chuck flap. It’s an unsexy name for a prized, rare cut of beef.  Big grocery stores don’t even bother; the chuck flap is an infinitesimal sliver of deliciousness. Out of a 1400 pound animal we get about 3 pounds of chuck flap! And we make sure to save it for you. 

As tasty and flavorful as short ribs, at a better price and without waste from cumbersome bones – a truly great value. Chuck flap is no-knife-required, melt-in-your-mouth tender if you cook it right, which is shockingly easy to do. Great braised low and slow; perfect in the slow cooker. Simmer with red wine, garlic, and lots of herbs–or slather in Fairway BBQ sauce. You can use chuck flap in this classic braised short rib recipe, which will warm the coldest of autumn nights. A Fairway specialty!

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