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From the Land of Don Quixote: Fairway’s Very Own Manchego

Our newest cheese baby: La Mancha’s wildly famous, adored sheep’s milk cheese! Made from the sweet, fresh milk of Manchega sheep, and aged for 8 months to coax out a symphony of briny, nutty richness. D.O. name-controlled–the one and only.

I would bet a whole lot that you’ll love it. It’s completely lovable. It has lots of depth of flavor, and a wonderful firm but buttery texture. 

It’s our first Fairway Brand cheese, but manchego is anything but new. The cheese has been made for thousands of years on the Iberian peninsula–archaeologists have found evidence of manchego production from the Bronze Age. Manchega sheep are sturdy enough to traverse the rocky, rough central plateau region of La Mancha – where cows just can’t cut it. Their milk is to thank for the resulting cheese’s lavish flavor and texture.

These days, it’s Spain’s most famous cheese celeb, and a darling of cheese-lovers far and wide. It’s friendly enough for snacking; and our aged-for-8-months version is sharp and hard enough to grate over roasted broccoli or melt over sweet grilled corn.

A glass of fino or manzanilla sherry and a few olives and you’re in business. Company coming over? Fairway manchego is tapas heaven with quince paste, roasted peppers, marcona almonds, and/or jamón serrano. And Fairway manchego is a very good friend to grilled cheese, scrambled eggs, and green salads. Salud!


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