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What’s in Your Cup? A Primer on Coffee Roasts

Editor’s Note: Ryan works in the incredible world of Fairway Coffee with our Coffee Mastermind Benny. Ryan knows a thing or two about coffee. If French Roast and City Roast are just pretty names to you, read on! Ryan enlightens us about what’s what in coffee-roasting lexicon: 

Coffee roasting is the most important and among the least understood aspects of the formula of enjoying coffee. Roasting is the process where we transform raw “green” coffee beans into the delicious beans you enjoy every morning. One of the best things about our vast array of specialty coffee is that we offer various levels of roast, so you can enjoy our coffee to your personal roast specifications!

The other great thing: we have serious roasters, worth the price of Ferraris, at our disposal in nearly all of our stores, operated by expert team members. (At our smaller city stores, we bring in coffee from close-by Fairway Markets). Our coffee is roasted perfectly, and roasted fresh right in front of your eyes. We do this simply because we care.

The traditional roasts we offer include:

  1. City Roast (like Colombia Supremo): A city roast is a medium light roast that imparts a great deal of flavor and leaves out the darker, more complex “roasted” flavors found in darker roasts.
  2. Vienna Roast: A darker, more robust roast that lacks the strongest roast flavors and oils, but still maintains a balanced complexity.
  3. French Roast: This dark brown roast exhibits very strong, prominent roasted flavors and has a much greater body and more oil than the lighter roasts.
  4. Italian Roast: The darkest roast we have. Any subtle flavors of the beans are replaced with intense, roasted flavor and a heavy body in the mouth. These beans are great for espressos!

When the coffee becomes darker roasted, the flavors of the roast become much more evident than the flavors of the bean. Try as many different roasts as you can and find your favorite!

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