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The Best Gazpacho of your Life! Luque Gazpacho from Andalucia is Perfect for Summer

What’s in this nifty tetra pack (for extreme freshness)? Something crazy-tasty…gazpacho. Not just any ol’ cold tomato soup. This is the gazpacho of gazpachos! It’s made in Andalucia, where gazpacho was born, by the Luque family, our olive oil producer, whose centuries-old ‘finca’ is so fanatically organic that they refuse even to burn olive tree trimmings on their land.  Made by a family whose recipe for gazpacho is the most cherished document in their entire culinary library.  Made by a family for whom gazpacho is a literal way of life.  Made by a family whose gazpacho vegetables are grown on their very own land, in soil tilled by their very own hands, and quenched using water running right across their own field.

The Luques make their potent gazpacho with the special “tomate rosa” or red tomato, and a generous drizzle of their own award-winning olive oil. This organic local and seasonal tomato variety is a symphony of organoleptic notes–in other words, the gazpacho is wildly flavorful. A celebration of summer veggies!

This is a Fairway Exclusive, and you should prepare to be thrilled. 100% organic and natural. Perfect for a picnic, a work lunch, or a appetite-whetting appetizer. Summer in a bowl.


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