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Just In! Organic, Grass-Fed, Really Great Cheese from Robinson Farm

This is IT right here. Robinson Farm—fourth generation-run, and counting—is way, way deep into the country in Hardwick, Massachusetts. The idyllic red barn has been Robinson cheesemaking central since 1982. Their 100% grass-fed Holstein, Normandy and Jersey cows make sweet milk that gets artfully transformed into raw milk cheese. Heifers are raised on pasture and in the barn, on colostrum, raw milk and hay. This is how cheese is meant to be—informed by age-old tradition and the rhythm of the seasons, made in small batches, with copious love. Certified organic, too.

Meander to your trusty Fairway cheese counter and pick up a wedge of one these beauties. Ask your cheesemonger for a taste, if you’re not convinced! 

Robinson Farm Arpeggio

In music, Arpeggio means playing through the notes of a chord in rapid succession. Arpeggio cheese is a rush of aromas and flavors. Washed rind, a bit reminiscent of taleggio. Strong aroma, beautiful finish; soft and spreadable at room temp.

Tekenink Tomme

Rustic, pungent, slightly saline, creamy. Sharp like a knife.

A Barndance

Inspired by the Rhone-Alpes classic Abondance, A Barndance is uniquely of the terroir of bucolic Central Massachussets. Subtle, yet with presence, with notes of stone fruit and toasted hazelnut. An excellent melting cheese. Aged 8-12 months. A 2012 American Cheese Society winner.


Aged for about a year, this dense, complex, Alpine style cheese charms with a mosaic of nutty notes and a slightly briny finish. Took home a gold medal in the 2012 American Cheese Society competition, too.

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