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Magic Mushrooms: Steve Talks Fresh ‘Shrooms

Our mushrooms are “wild-cultivated” mushrooms.  They are not harvested in the wild.  They are grown in a sterile environment under completely sterile and hygienic conditions.  Your Fairway pioneered the development of wild-cultivated mushrooms long before any other food retailer knew such a thing existed.  We were the first food store in the country to offer mushrooms other than ordinary white buttons.  We sourced and stocked porcini (boletus edulis), oyster (pleurotus), shiitake, cremini, Portobello, hedgehog, chicken-of-the-wood, morel and chanterelle mushrooms before anyone but mycophiles knew or cared a whit about the joy of fresh sautéed wild mushrooms as a peasanty and yet elegant first course.

NEVER WASH A MUSHROOM!  WIPE AWAY ANY IMPURITY WITH WITH A CLOTH OR A BRUSH.  CUT OFF THE STEM ENDS IF THEY ARE TOO TOUGH.  But never wash a mushroom.  Water will ruin a mushroom’s delicate texture.

We suggest sautéing whole or chunked-up mushrooms in Fairway extra-virgin olive oil with perhaps a spoonful of butter and minced garlic.  We love to serve them hot-hot right out of the pan, with a sprinkling of chopped parsley and maybe a dusting of Parmesan or some other grated cheese. Company coming over? Welcome them with Mitchel’s wild mushroom crostini.

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