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Hitting Bottom: “Breaking Bad” with an Almost Empty Jar of Fairway’s NEW Hazelnut Spread

Editor’s Note: Just in! Thanks to our own Lori Levy, this jar of goodness has arrived on the shelves of your Fairway. Our hazelnut spread is even more hazelnutty–and better–than Nutella! It is made in Piedmont, Italy, with high quality cocoa, rich hazelnuts, sweet skim milk, and love. 

Like the many of you we love Walter White, and we are intrigued and amazed by his walk on the wild side.  But we’ve lately discovered our own version of “Breaking Bad”, and we are not afraid to share our latest immature, low-brow, heaven-inspired indulgence.  Truth be told this little bit of naughty was taught to me by the Master himself, Steven Jenkins.  No, it is not intended for polite company, as it breaks every rule I have ever associated with Fairway and Emily Post but here it goes. 

While nothing quite compares with the very first taste of our NEW Fairway Hazelnut Spread, we learned quickly during our “cuttings” (where you compare various production samples) that the best gift ever is an ‘almost’ empty jar of our new Fairway Hazelnut Spread.  As would be the case late one afternoon after a particularly jam-packed day of off-site meetings, we returned to our big communal office room, sort of like a loft, and we started rummaging around for something to eat as we had missed lunch, a rarity for us Fairway folks, I assure you.

Infinitely wise, Steven grabs the sadly depleted jar and removes the top with an almost sinister glare.  Into the open jar goes a scoop of organic vanilla ice cream, a sample-pint, handmade by our friends in Brooklyn. Next, Steven opened his ubiquitous pocket knife, and quickly sliced one of the bananas we had sitting on the conference table.

I can’t even begin to tell you how something SO wrong could be SO right.  We passed around a few spoons loving the instant bottoms-up sundae.  Our new hazelnut spread is made from an ages-old family recipe in the Piedmont region of Italy. It is ultra-creamy, with a higher hazelnut content than the name branded counterpart.  Your family is going to LOVE this.  YOU are going to love this.

Spark up your back-to-school method of operations.

When you open the cupboard to find an ‘almost’-empty jar of Fairway’s NEW Hazelnut Spread, as you are likely to do, don’t start muttering under your breath secretly cursing whichever beloved family member left you in the lurch. Get creative instead.  Look for some yogurt, granola, berries – whatever strikes your fancy.

This is a ‘glass half-full’ situation — truly it is, and it will reveal itself a mitzvah in about fifteen seconds. Buy online! 

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