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Our Crazy-Good House EVOO Has A New Home!

Nobody’s house-blend EVOO can compare to ours. You might notice this beloved kitchen staple has a new look. We’ve switched to an opaque bottle, which will protect your superb oil from one of EVOO’s mortal enemies: light. Light oxidizes the oil, speeding up its degradation. Now your oil is safe!

Our All-Purpose EVOO, our Organic EVOO, and our Unfiltered EVOO are legendary, essential. They established us as the authority and source for all things serious olive oil.

What’s inside the bottle? Fairway has strictly blended the oils from specific Mediterranean groves in Italy, Greece, and Spain to achieve a certain flavor, texture, fragrance, and cost profile, one that delights us as serious cooks and as assiduous shoppers. (The organic and unfiltered house blends come from 100% Italian olives.) We have succeeded mightily in each regard. They are indeed blends, but we promise they taste nearly as awesome as monocultivars. These olive oils display a depth of flavor with a lingering finish, a creamy texture, an incredible fragrance, and a remarkably low price. Win, win, win…They’re all certified kosher, too.

They stand as a testament to our lofty opinion here of what we insist we have accomplished: Oil that is as perfect for drizzling over toasts and cheeses, steaks and seafood, salads and grilled vegetables, and is inexpensive enough to use to sauté, pan fry, and marinate a range of foods.

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