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Cool, New Drinks for Hot Summer Days

Walking along New York City streets during the summertime feels like walking through a clammy rainforest- however, the tree shade is replaced by skyscrapers that exaggerate the already stifling heat. A sticky humidity resonates along the avenues, and I often find myself quickening my pace as I approach the next street, hoping to catch a gust of wind as it sweeps across the city from the Hudson to the East River.

I walk often- frequently with no destination in mind, letting myself get lost among the hundreds of little side streets that collectively establish Manhattan. I sweat- a lot- and then I replenish my body, knowing that I need to stay hydrated if I want to maintain the energy to keep movin’. I value being active, and as a member of the Fairway Team, I am surrounded by people who share the same values and who recognize the little things, like that there is nothing better than an iced cold drink on a hot summer day.

In knowing this, we strive to bring in the best items to our stores and regularly introduce new items that we hope you will find unique and satisfying (we do!). In the spirit of summer, we are thrilled to offer some brand new, must-try drinks that will not only quench your thirst, but also replenish your body with valuable nutrients and fluids that the summer heat inadvertently extracts. Plus, we won’t break your pocketbook!  

Water Sensations:

Only $3.99 a box until the end of August, Fairway is excited to bring you Water Sensations- liquid water infusion packs that diffuse effortlessly into regular sized bottles of water. Zero calories and naturally sweetened with stevia, this isn’t a water alternative but rather a water boost: an advance in flavor and nutrients. Three different variations cater to your desires- energy (50mg caffeine), immunity (25% of you daily value of vitamin C per serving), and fitness (100 mg of potassium). Luscious fruit flavors explode in your mouth, quenching your thirst and getting your blood flowin’!

Drink CHIA:

Another unique addition that Fairway is excited and proud to offer to customers for a stupendous deal: 3/$5. Chia, which was once associated with the unforgettable “ch-ch-ch-chia” jingle, has been found to be one of the most nutritious and powerful super foods available. These seeds are loaded full of nutrition and incorporated into this delicious, chug-able drink that is available in four delectably fruity, natural flavors! Are you active and looking for a thirst quenching, extra boost of energy? Then Drink CHIA!


Karma Wellness Water:

Transform fresh spring water into wellness with this innovative new drink that allows you to release vitamins that are stored in the KarmaCap into your water seconds before you drink it- avoiding deterioration of the vitamins which is common in pre-mixed vitamin drinks. Not only are the flavors delicious, but you are at liberty to choose which vitamins, extracts and fruits you want to mix into your drink. There are five varieties, each with distinct purposes; balance, vitality, body, spirit, mind. Come in to Fairway and shake it up with Karma Wellness Water. 2/$5!


After a few cups of coffee, we switch to Venga. Venga is what happens when quality water gets infused with really good, healthy stuff: fruits, teas, vitamins, minerals, plant-based nutritional supplements, bioactive extracts. We’re not sure if we believe in the power of water to deliver energy, focus, relaxation, sophistication and weight loss, but we’re hopeful enough to drink it anyway. Plus the taste is clean, bright, and lovely.


Coconut Water:

When it comes to coconut water, we have what you need! One of the best sources of hydration, coconut water is subtly sweet and refreshing. It actively cleanses your body, removing toxins, raising your metabolism, and dispensing valuable nutrients. Coconut water has little fat and no cholesterol, making it more nutritious than whole milk. If you aren’t a fan of the natural flavor, we have you covered with flavors of mango, pink guava, pineapple… and the list goes on! Come on in today and stock up on this refreshing, hydrating summer drink!

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