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Good Morning, Sunshine! 7 Cool Breakfast Ideas to Beat the Heat

I am at my air conditioned desk and I don’t wanna leave! Often, I’m antsy. Today, I’m content to stay here and bask in the cool, artificial air as long as possible. It’s just so crazy hot outside! Sweaty, sticky…relentlessly, incredibly hot.

Which makes me ponder how best to feed myself in this heat. I’m eating a lot of salads—topped with creamy avocado, or seared steak, or nutty grains. Ice cream. Sushi. Fruit. I’m hydrating like a champ.

And I’m not neglecting the day’s most important meal. With summer at its fiercest, it can’t hurt to start things out with a tasty bundle of healthy energy. These easy-peasy, cool breakfasts take mere minutes to assemble. Whip one up, and your day will be off to a happy, healthy, and delicious start. 

1. Parfaits!

I like Greek yogurt for its protein power, as much sweet, fresh fruit as I can fit in my bowl, and a drizzle of ambrosial Fairway honey on top. Check out more parfait ideas here.

2. Smoothies are a no-brainer!

Whir some healthy ingredients in a food processor and breakfast is served. Make a 1-2-3 green smoothie with a big handful of spinach, frozen pineapple, and yogurt (or kefir!). Something about its greenness feels so virtuous. Other smoothie winners: coconut milk, mango, and shredded coconut, maybe with a dash of nutmeg; banana, peanut butter, milk, and cocoa powder; berries, orange juice, and vanilla yogurt…

3. Smoked salmon sammies.

No matter how many times I eat it, I can’t get over the sheer perfection of our smoked salmon. The exact curing recipe is a secret, but four woods combine with juniper berry and pepper to give the fish a flavorful, heady taste. It’s mild, not too fishy, sliced gossamer thin, and a jubilant way to welcome a new day. I make my smoked sandwich on a Fairway mini-bagel, or on a slice of Black Rooster Bread. Baked in the US by a homesick Latvian hungry for the hearty, delicious bread of his country, Black Rooster makes their bread with 100% rye flour—so score for lots of fiber. I don’t neglect a thick slice of beefsteak tomato, a generous smear of Ben’s otherworldly cream cheese, and a few rings of red onion. Or another route: sweet butter, thin cucumber slices, and a sprinkling of dill.

4. Sweet ricotta toast.

We have some really fresh, tasty ricotta which beckons me in the night. In the morning, I answer the call. I toast some ciabatta or brioche til it’s nice and toasty. Then I scoop out some ricotta on top, and decorate the beautiful, snow-white stuff with a dusting of cinnamon sugar. If I have a pear or an apple, I make paper-thin slices and add to my luscious creation.

5. Granola is great.

Way back in 2008 I did my research and divined the ultimate granola recipe. Make a big batch, keep it around for breakfast, or eat it all.  Kind of dangerous for  me to have this around my apartment, because I want it constantly, by the handful!

6. Another fine option: trail mix.

Peruse the fabulous and vast offering of Fairway’s famous dried fruits and nuts, and pick out your faves. Combine, store, and portion into individual breakfast-sized bags. Perfect for train/subway/car munching, with ease. I’m digging a marcona almond, hazelnut, dried cherry and papaya, and chocolate chip combo. Chocolate for breakfast? But of course!

7. Overnight oats!

Or—oats that soak up milk/yogurt all night long, and so are creamy and ready when morning rolls around. Prep them in Tupperware or a mason jar in the evening, and grab on your way out the door in the AM. For breakfast for one—combine 1/2 cup rolled oats with 1/2 cup water –or coconut milk, almond milk, or whatever liquid floats your boat and a pinch of salt. Now’s the fun part. Spice up with cinnamon and sugar, protein powder, peanut or almond butter, Nutella, flax or chia seeds, chocolate chips, coconut, dried fruit…the possibilities are infinite! In case you’re wondering if cold oatmeal is tasty…yes! Take my word for it.

Happy breakfasting!

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