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French Extra-Virgin Olive Oils to Knock Your Socks Off for Bastille Day

The fragrances and flavors of these mighty, generations-old olive oils are intoxicating.  We are hopelessly in love with Provencal and Languedocienne olive oil.  None are superior to any other; they each have similarities as well as nuances that make them unto themselves.  Take a trip on the olive oil trail that sidles through the South of France. 

Ever wonder why you see absolutely ZERO brands of French olive oil anymore?   Except at Fairway, of course?  It’s because what little of it is left is so expensive it simply doesn’t sell.  And why is there so little French olive oil?  Urban sprawl and high labor costs are the reason.  And the two or three that USED to be around weren’t even the product of olives grown in France.  Can you imagine?  Greek or Spanish even Turkish oil in a French bottle!  Zut alors!

BUT!  Of the few remaining Provencale and Corsican “moulins” (mills) that we know and respect so very highly, Fairway imports the oil from more than a dozen of them.  Each of them is stunningly delicious, and clearly must remain part of Fairway’s highly vaunted product mixWe have cut out the broker, the importer and the distributor in order to bring you some of the best oil in the world at a price that makes sense.

Some exquisite french oils not to miss:


From the Rhone Delta. Pink flamingos winter here, thus the bird on the label. A ‘Jas’ is a pen for goats, a nod to the owner’s granddad, who used to keep goats in the marshes. A medium-to-light body, though as complex an oil as I have tasted – soft, buttery, apple-y, grassy, intensely olive-y. Long finish, and decidedly an oil for those of us who love the provencale oils because they are so elegant, so perfect for everything, so “special-occasion”.  We sell this beautiful oil online, too.


This extra-virgin from near Avignon comes from the groves and actual building where the Carthusian order Chartreuse resided in the 15th C.  The oil is A.O.C. Nimes (name-controlled).  It has a huge buttered popcorn fragrance, an ardent attack that attests to its early harvest, and then a long and velvety caress of flavors before a peppery finish; a big and bold olive oil from the South Of France.  Use for all purposes, mainly salads and vegetables and seafood, cooked and raw. Find it in our stores and online.


Groves in south of France, halfway between Saint-Remy and Cavaillon, grow plump olives among gorgeous Provencal vistas. This is an extra-virgin olive oil from paradise that tastes like it. With a ripe robust aroma, it’s like sticking your nose in a heap of fragrant, ripe tomatoes; we also smell a fresh hint of green bananas, with notes of dried fruit and hazelnuts. Smooth and buttery.

What to do with your new bottle of gorgeous French olive oil? Treat its contents as a ready-made sauce. Serve it with a perfect, crusty Fairway baguette, for dipping. Bring bottles right to the table, and let your guests drizzle it atop whatever you serve. Use it in dips and dressings, sauces and pesto. Let it make your salad sing. Adorn eggs, pizza, meat, veggies, seafood, and steak with the luscious kiss of your fine oil. Joyeux Le Quatorze Juillet! (That’s Happy Bastille Day, en français). 

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