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Celebrate Independence Day with All-American Cured Meat

Dry, cured meat

Dry, cured meat

Were you under the impression that one has to travel to Italy to experience the marvel of prosciutto? That for jamón happiness, a ticket to Spain is the only way to go? Think again.

The most exciting, high-quality, life-changing cured meat is being crafted right here in the USA! This Independence Day, celebrate with all-American salami, prosciutto, and charcuterie. America has officially come into its own as a great salumi power.

Here are a few incredibly meaty choices, right from our homeland. They make a fabulous way to start a meal, spread out triumphantly with some crusty bread and a good cheese or two. Or pair prosciutto with sweet cantaloupe for a perfect summer appetizer,  or add a few slices of coppa to a big salad for a light and lovely dinner.


Among the finest salami money can buy, here or in Europe. The reason for this? The master artisan salumiere (salami-maker) at Creminelli who is a Creminellil a family-member of the company that has been an Italian Piedmont treasure for many, many years! Creminelli salami is made by hand, in Utah, from rare-breed hogs raised on small farms. The dry climate in Utah is similar to that of Northern Italy…who knew? It tastes like the salami you exulted over the last time you were in Italy! Try ALL of them: coppa, mortadella, bresaola; each style is even more amazing than the last!

Fra’ Mani

Curemaster Paul Bertolli had a successful cooking career, notably as a chef at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California, and as a chef and co-owner of Oliveto Restaurant in Oakland, California. It was at Oliveto that he began making his own charcuterie. It took off, garnering lots of press and igniting a nationwide fascination with cured meats. He loved the process so much that he left his restaurant to devote himself to making extraordinary Italian-style charcuterie.

Fra’ Mani uses meat from Berkshire pork, an obscenely tasty heritage breed, raised humanely on small family farms. Paul’s team then cuts the meat, lays it out on racks for chilling and drying, mixes it with fragrant seasonings, stuffs it into natural pork casing, hand-ties the sausages with twine, and hangs the salami for fermentation, drying, and aging in the carefully calibrated Fra’ Mani cellars. The result is intoxicating: a staggering depth of flavor and aroma.

La Quercia

Fairway Market is thrilled to bring you fine prosciutto and borsellino from La Quercia, in the heartland of Iowa. La Quercia (Pronounced KWARE-chah) is Italian for “the oak” – referring to the acorns upon which the humanely raised, veggie-fed heritage pigs feast. As for the pigs, they come from small family farmers—B&B Farm, Becker Lane, Eden Farms, and Heritage Acres. They have plenty of room to move freely, and never receive non-therapeutic antibiotics or hormones. From these fine animals, Herb and Kathy Eckhouse cure fine meats that easily match the best Emilia-Romagna has to offer.

Happy feasting!

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