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We’ve Come a Long, Long Way! A Snapshot of Fairway, Circa 1970…

In 1954, Nathan and his son, Leo (pictured here). partnered to create the beginnings of the first Fairway at 74th St. and Broadway

Back in the ‘70s Fairway was an unassuming Upper West downtown-Side of Broadway, one-storefront shop that offered fruits and vegetables and penny candy out of self-service bins built into a wall.  We had bad lighting, milk crates with Astroturf covers, sawdust on the wooden floor and a crow’s nest  where Harvey and Sally handled the three or four cash registers and all the Hunt’s Point Market produce tickets.

We started offering seltzer and rice cakes, and we built a deli counter.   Then we
fashioned a cheese department, and we got Jenkins in 1980.  Roasted nuts and dried fruits, bean coffee and lots of other stuff followed, and pretty soon people were talking about “The Fairway”.

We took the dress shop space next door, and pretty soon the café and the pharmacy on the south side, and by the mid-‘80s talk of The Fairway was making a racket all over town and beyond  —  suddenly Fairway was always first to offer foodstuffs that were rock ‘n roll, and the low prices captured for us lots of attention and a new-found respect.

Our Broadway store is so crowded these days nobody shops there anymore.  Time to blow it up and start over.  Milk crates.  Astroturf.

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