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Love Those Melons: A Melon Primer with Peter Romano

It’s not officially summer until we’ve taken a big bite from a slice of candy-sweet melon, right from the rind.

Summer is melon season. And melon season has arrived with full force. A stroll down our rainbow produce department will tell you that much. We’re thrilled to carry your favorite melons, plus some new and funky varieties you might not yet have tried. 

How to choose a perfectly ripe, sweet, juicy melon? Put your nose up close and smell. If you sense sweet, heady, fragrant aromas, go ahead and grab that melon. It’s going to be a good one.

What to do with the melon once it’s home? Have a few big slices beside breakfast; chunk up for fruit salads; and serve with prosciutto for a perfect summer app.

Watch our produce guru Peter Romano demystify those long-named, mysterious-looking melons. Hint: they’re mighty tasty. And find out what Peter has appointed “the best melon in God’s creation.”


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