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Fall Head Over Heels for Cabeço Das Nogueiras Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As a kid, Alberto Serralha played in his grandfather’s olive groves near Abrantes, in central Portugal, where the Rio Tejo flows toward Lisbon. Olive oil is in his blood. With a childhood spent watching his granddad harvest and mill olives from ancient trees, Alberto knows what great oils should look like, smell like, and taste like. And, he makes some mighty tasty oil.

Alberto Serralha is the olive oil sage behind our thick, sweet, fragrant, and fruity barrel oil from the Ribatejo region of northern Portugal. 

Cabeço Das Nogueiras is pressed from two magical olive cultivars that grow nowhere else in the world: the sweet, mild galega (the name Cabeço das Nogueiras refers to the shape of the galega olive and its “pointed head”) and the pungent cobrançosa. Other varieties. like arbequina, cornicabra, and picual are added in precise ratios to create Cabeço das Nogueiras, milled with super-modern and pristine facilities, yet with knowledge and finesse culled from generations and generations spent lovingly crafting olive oil.

This is a truly outstanding oil. The color is green-gold, the texture thick—liquid gold. It’s markedly fruity oil, with fragrances and flavors of ripe fruit, tomato, wild herbs, cooked artichoke and green apple. Explosive and olive-y. The finish goes on and on and on.

Cabeço will deliver big flavor to all your cooked meats and seafood. It just dazzles as a salad oil or ready-made sauce. And honestly, we recommend it for any usage whatsoever, because it is so agreeable to us, so delicious. Can’t make it to Fairway? We’ve got you covered: order online. You need this in your culinary arsenal.

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