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A Cheese from a Far, Faraway Island: São Jorge

Our fearless, amazing cheese buyer Avanelle Rivera has been traversing the world, lately. She’s come back with some mighty tasty spoils, including this beloved cheese.

A raw milk, 100% grass-fed cheese from far, far away… São Jorge is made on the island of the same name, 900 miles from the west coast of Portugal. The island is home to 20,000 dairy cows that graze on lush seaside pastures, and a cheesemaking tradition that dates from the 15th Century, when Dutch settlers brought cheese know-how to the mild, fertile island. 

Also known as Queijo da Ilha (island cheese), São Jorge is a big and beloved wheel, weighing in at about 20 pounds. It is an aromatic, rich cheese; firm and mild, but with a full, barnyard-y, lingering flavor.

Our 3 month version is softer and mellower; choose the 7 month São Jorge for a crumblier version with even more tang. Savor with a glass of Port or Madeira. Saúde!

the view from the cheesemaking facility!


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