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The Magic of Dry-Aging Prime Beef

Dry-aging is art; dry-aging is magic. Dry-aging came about generations ago through trial-and-error when there was no refrigeration. It was a necessity in order to preserve beef beyond its short lifespan.

Very, very few outfits commit the enormous time, energy, money, and care needed to bother doing this right. At Fairway, we’re deeply passionate about the craft of dry-aging. Why bother? Because the finished product is nothing short of astounding. 

We start with whole sub-primals—large cuts of meat with bones fully intact. We age them uncovered in temperature, humidity, and air speed-controlled rooms. The fine-tuned control allows dry-aging to do its thing without the meat spoiling. And we use USDA Prime beef–the highest grade a cut of beef can receive. All beef is USDA inspected, so be wary of other stores purposely trying to confuse you with their gimmicks of cheaper beef being “prime” cuts. Only about 2% (!) of meat in the United States is graded as USDA Prime, and Fairway Market has it available each and every day. When you purchase USDA Prime beef at Fairway, you are receiving the tenderest, juiciest, and tastiest cut of beef available. This is the very best your money can buy – young, well-fed beef cattle with abundant marbling and tenderness.

Back to the dry-aging process: dry-aging enhances beef in two unique ways: First, the process causes moisture to evaporate from the meat, which in turn develops a more intense flavor. Secondly, the natural enzymes in the beef work to produce a more tender piece of meat than any you’ve experienced before.

It is rare to find dry-aged beef in grocery stores, because most of them buy their meat in vacuum packed plastic bags (wet-aged beef), but Fairway is not your average grocery store. (The phony-baloney “wet-aging” many supermarkets inflict upon meat is nothing more than entombing beef in plastic and allowing it to deteriorate to a degree beyond the pale.)

Experience the excruciatingly delicious flavor, outrageous umami brilliance, and tenderness of our USDA Prime Dry-Aged steaks. Ask our butchers about it during your next visit. Your dad will be glad you did.


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