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Picnic Season, Fairway Style

The sun is shining, the days are long and luxurious, and picnic season is upon us. Need some inspiration? Head to Fairway and ogle the oodles of delicious possibilities for your shopping and picnic baskets. A concert on the grass, fireworks in the park, a hike to a waterfall…any outdoor activity is better accompanied by a spread of good eats.

Picnics remind us that food tastes better in fresh air, legs splayed every which way, unrushed, surrounded by people who make you laugh. 

As for the food itself, go wild! Choose dishes and snacks that travel well and taste great at room temperature: sandwiches, salads, cookies, breads, cheeses…yum. We love foods you can eat with your hands. Things to dip and devour. Jars of great antipasti like the gorgeous stuff we carry from Agromonte and Villa Reale that you can smear on bread or crackers, and nibble with chunks of wonderful cheese and charcuterie.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Try something new and delicious and outside your comfort zone. Marcona almonds and French soft dried fruits. Nut butters and incredible Trinquelinette jam (blood peach! apricot rhubarb!) from Burgundy, revelations, better than grandma’s jams, really. Bring a jar of our famous Cara Cucina artichoke and garlic cream and we’ll bet you, and big-time, you’ll leave with an empty jar, insides swiped very clean, preferably by a crusty baguette.

Think anchovies are salty, pick-offable pizza toppings? Break open a pouch of L’Escala anchovies, hand-caught and packed in a tiny fishing village on the Catalan coast, and think again. They are juicy, briny, bursting with melon-y, ocean-y flavor. Our picnic favorites are these ‘chovies marinated in bright white wine vinegar, which makes an awesome potion for bread-dipping.

Royal Medjool dates. Badoit mineral water. Sea-salted caramels from Brittany. Chailain Provencal honey—this is honey to make you laugh and cry. Drizzle it promiscuously. Alsatian sauerkraut (aged a year in Riesling wine with fatback). Olive jam from manzanilla olives, grown in old Extremadura groves. We could go on forever…

Go forth! Happy picnicking!

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