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Happy Memorial Day…and Happy Grilling Season!

From all of us at Fairway Market: Happy Memorial day, happy summer! Now turn on the grill and get your grill on. Nothing says summertime like flipping juicy burgers outside. Even better with a cold beer in hand, your friends around, and really good tunes playing. Exhale.

According to Psychology Today, barbecues are great for your mental health. We could have told you that. Hanging, cooking, and eating outside are a welcome reprieve from our at-our-desk lunches and grab-a-protein-bar, run-out-the-door mornings. (For city dwellers and rainy days–cheat with a grill pan.)

Grilling is also a healthy cooking option–it’s a way to seal in flavor without adding much fat. We’re a fan of cooking any and all veggies on the grill. The heat caramelizes the natural sweetness. A bit of char? Bring it! Sweet Vidalia onions, portabellas, red peppers, ripe tomatoes, eggplants–just sprinkle with sea salt and a few grinds of black pepper, brush with Fairway EVOO, and grill ‘em up! Sweet summer corn? Heck yes. Slivers of potatoes? Serve grilled veggies beside your main, or slice them up and toss with greens for a spot-on salad.

As for a main? Head to our butcher county for endless grill possibilities. A dry-aged prime steak would make any carnivore very, very happy. Or the superfluous Fairway burger, ground and made fresh all day, every day in our stores. I wrote about our housemade and incredible sausages and kebabs last week. Salmon is exquisite on the grill, as are fresh, juicy jumbo scallops. For the veggies in your life: slather some tofu or portobello caps with Fairway’s famous BBQ sauce and nobody will feel left out.

For dessert? Oh man–grilled pineapple, grilled peaches, grilled grapefruits–these things are revelations. Or pick up some Fairway poundcake, let it get warm and just-a-bit charred, and top with Nutella, or chocolate sauce, or that grilled pineapple… Is there anything better? We think not. Enjoy!

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