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We Love Garlic: An Ode to Garlic

You’re a cousin of onion, shallot, chive, and leek,

But it’s you, precious garlic, that I gleefully seek.

Is it your pungent fragrance, a magical thing?

You add gorgeous dimension! You make dishes sing!

Place a clove on your cutting board, give your knife blade a pop

Remove the delicate skin, and your garlic’s ready to chop.

I add you to pesto, sauces, and vinaigrette,

For stir-frying veggies, you’re the perfect bet.

I throw you in the oven and roast you whole,

Til you’re golden and toasty–so much flavor and soul!

Then I spread you on a baguette and drizzle with oil

And I’m a happy girl, undoubtedly spoiled.

You’re a magic elevator of potatoes and spinach,

and hummus and couscous–I’ll have more when I’m finished.

You make roast chicken a spectacular dish.

You amplify my steak, my salads, my fish.

Garlic butter! Garlic soup! Garlic bread!

Your wild deliciousness is getting to my head.

Dear garlic, I need you. please don’t leave me alone

A house without garlic is a sad kind of home.




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