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Spring has Sprung! Springtime Veggies That Make Our Hearts Sing

Springtime is here! At Fairway, that means fruit and veggie heaven. Yes–we get fresh picks from farms and orchards every day, all day, all year long. But produce at the height of its season is at the height of its deliciousness.

Pick out anything from our rainbow selection of dazzling produce and you can’t go wrong. But here are some of our springtime favorites to get you started and inspired–great finds that are soon to be at their absolute best.


Don’t be intimidated by the artichoke’s thistles, its spininess. Beneath the tough exterior is a delicate, tender revelation. Artichoke selection tip: the ‘choke should feel heavy in your hand, and its leaves should be tightly packed. You can steam an artichoke in the microwave, dip the leaves in garlic butter, and nobody will complain. They are are also wonderful on the grill–briefly steam, then let the skin get smoky and charred. Artichokes make great additions to salads, famous dips, and pasta bedfellows.


In springtime, this lovely, peppery green is at its best. We can’t get enough of the tender leaves that snap with just-a-bit bitter, spicy flavor. Perfect for simple salads with Fairway EVOO and a

squeeze of lemon, or wilted and nestled in pasta. Feel virtuous! Arugula is full of antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins A and K, and folic acid.

Sugar Snap Peas

Sugar snap peas are sometimes called mange tout in French, meaning “eat everything,” the sweet pea and the crunchy pod. They taste like springtime.  Stir-fry with Thai curry paste, lime juice, and mint. Dip in artichoke cream, hummus, eat like potato chips.


The pretty pink stalks bursting forth from the earth are little messengers delivering happy news: spring is here! Lip-puckeringly tart, rhubarb often cozies up to its sweet sister strawberry. Bake into pies, stew with chicken or pork, or make a bright springtime jam. If you’re not inclined to make your own jam, you’ve got to try this.

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