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Lotsa Pasta: Fairway Pasta and Community Grains Pasta Are Really, Really Special

Something truly exciting has happened! We’ve come out with our own pasta. When we put our label on a product at Fairway, we mean business.

Inside the bags you’ll find real deal, artisanal pasta from Puglia, the boot heel of Italy. Pasta is the heart and soul of the Italian kitchen. Pugliese cuts are the quintessential, timeless pasta shapes—classic Southern Italian recipes demand them. The wholewheat (‘integrale’) pasta clings beautifully to sauce. Incredibly delicious and fun to cook with. 

Orecchiette: Orecchio means ear, and the suffix -etto means small. These little ears are perfect with sausage and broccoli rabe, or roasted broccoli and walnuts.

Girelle: Curly-cued, too cute, this pasta cut is named for spinning tops. The short twists have plenty of surface area to soak up a garlic cream sauce; or toss with artichokes hearts and a big handful of herbs.

Foglie D’Ulivo: Can pasta get more beautiful? Crafted in the shape of olive leaves, with spinach and durum wheat. Serve with fresh pesto, or parmesan, peas, and a good glug of EVOO.

Maccheroni: These coils are made for mac n cheese. Or with a long-simmered Sunday sauce and meatballs.

Riccioli: Italian chefs and mamas make this spiral pasta wrapping dough around knitting needles or spoon handles. Awesome with sweet caramelized corn and shallots, or fresh ricotta and sautéed zucchini.

And if that was not enough: we’re also introducing Community Grains pasta, featured this week in The New York Times.

Community Grains defines “whole grain” as 100% of the germ, bran, and endosperm—that’s grain in its entirety.  That’s what you’ll find in these bags, made in Bay-area California from small growers, by hand in small batches, then slow dried. Community Grains use single varieties of wheat like Hard Amber Durum and Hard Red and White Winter Wheat, varieties big outfits avoid because they take extra work to grow. But it’s worth the effort. A comforting bowl will prove this, with perfect pasta texture and subtle, nutty flavor. Try Community Grains for mac and cheese, hearty ragu, pesto-sopping, and any way you love your pasta.

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