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Cheese of the Week: Stinking Bishop

You smell it coming. Open it up, and the whole room will notice. Britain’s smelliest, ballsiest cheese is our cheesemonger’s pick of the week. Pick up a stinkin’ slice at your Fairway cheese counter.

Stink it does, sort of like a rugby changing room. But its bark is bigger than its bite. The remarkable smell of the cheese comes from the rind, which is washed in perry–pear cider made from the Stinking Bishop pear, hence the cheese’s name.

Cut into the leathery rind and the paste runs and oozes fabulously. The cheese is sweet, complex, and pudding-y. It’s made by Charles Martell in Gloucestershire, England, in small batches. Pair with a cold, crisp cider. For your courage, you will be rewarded with a truly delicious treat.

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