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Celebrate 80 Years of Fairway with 8 Fairway Market Faves

Happy birthday to us! 80 years ago, Nathan Glickberg began Fairway Market as a humble fruit and veggie stand on the Upper West Side. We’ve grown slowly but surely, filling our racks with incredible finds from around the world and close to home. We’ve opened more stores, but we’ve remained true to our roots. We are more committed than ever to quality products, delicious food, good value, and making sure you love what’s on your dinner table. 80 years and getting better all the time!

Here are 8 delicious things that have become synonymous with Fairway, things you’d be amiss to leave your Fairway Market without.

Fairway EVOO

We know more about olive oil, we care more, and we’ve done more with olive oil than any importer, retailer, fanatic amateur or scholar anywhere in the world.

A great place to start: our barrel oils. These high-quality extra virgin olive oils each come from one sub-region, and they were chosen by an expert (the venerable Steve Jenkins) who obviously is extremely passionate about olive oil. The olives are grown by a specific farmer, and they are milled by a specific miller. Since Fairway buys these oils in bulk, the result is a low price for YOU and our other customers. These are some of our proudest accomplishments.

Hand-Pulled Mozzarella

You haven’t truly tasted mozzarella until you’ve eaten it fresh out of the cheesemakers hands, minutes old. Life changing. Living, breathing, warm, weeping with fresh milk, tender, supple, sweet and delicious!  Like EATING a glass of milk!

Right in our stores, our own curd is transformed into the most delicious, freshest, most handmade ‘fior di latte’ on the planet.  Our cow’s milk curd is made from the milk of New York State dairy cows. Salted mozz is best for snacking and salads; unsalted for cooking and recipes.

Bulk & Grains

Exactly what you want. A staggering selection of well-priced, highest quality nuts, grains, dried fruits, granola, seeds, and more.

Fairway Milk & Eggs

Organic, local milk and eggs from Lancaster family farms. When you buy Fairway’s Organic Milk, you’re getting dairy from grass-fed cows on farms in rural Pennsylvania that are small — the largest of them milks about 175 cows, with many of the farms typically milking around 50 cows. Fairway’s Organic Eggs are also straight from small Pennsylvania farms, where the hens roam free, aren’t treated with antibiotics, and aren’t given feed grown with pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. When we put our label on something, we stand by it.

Fairway BBQ Sauces

We’ve spent two years collaborating with Oklahoma’s top pit master. The result of our sweat and tears is this insurmountable BBQ sauce. Made in small batches with ultra-pure ingredients; the result is a BBQ sauce that tastes homemade. This is our Master Butcher’s benchmark for a great marinade for chicken, ribs, and steaks.

Fairway Smoked Salmon

At Fairway, we are smoked salmon maestros, coaxing symphonies of flavors from the highest quality salmon from Norwegian Sea, the off the shores of the Faroe Islands. Lovingly cured, gently smoked, hand-sliced, and unmatched in its perfection.

Famous Olive Bar

We invented the olive bar. Way back when everyone was jarring everything, we liberated the fruit called “olive” and gave it the spotlight it deserves. How? By offering a selection of the most important olives from the world’s cuisines. We wouldn’t THINK of just plopping the olives into a bin. We lovingly dress our olives in their most authentic, delicious way with the traditional, region-specific recipe of olive oil, herbs, and spices. By giving them attention and care, the olives are thus elevated to the peak of their deliciousness. You know you’re getting the BEST when you fill up a container of Fairway olives, and at wonderful prices.

Fairway House Bread

A good meal requires good bread. At Fairway, bread is the backbone of our devotion and obsession to simply wonderful, no-compromises-considered food. But where did this crusty and delicious work of Fairway art come from? Born from a European tradition, our breads, bagels, and baguettes are not par-baked like so many other stores – that’s not how we do it at Fairway. When you toss that baguette into your basket, or wrap up those bagels, they are straight from a cooling rack fresh out of the oven baked on premises. They may even still be warm.

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