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Behold the Parmesan Rind! Your Secret Weapon

We know you love Parmigiano Reggiano, perhaps the grandest cheese in the world. But what do you do with that rind–and the rind of Grana Padano, and other grating cheeses? They are pretty useless as-is, but we beg you not to toss ‘em. Rinds are unami-bombs, imbuers of intoxicating savor.

Most any braise, sauce, soup, risotto, or stew will benefit unfathomably from the addition of your grating cheese rind. Just toss into any long-simmering dish. The heat will soften the rind; its salty, deep flavor will seep into your recipe. Fish out the remaining rind’s skin before you serve. 

Is your soup missing something? Profundity? Dimension? Parmesan rind will save the day.   Go all out and make cheese broth with nothing more than parmesan rinds and cold water. An 8 cups of water to half a pound of cheese rind ratio works perfectly. Simmer for 3-4 hours and you’ve just made incredible cheese stock. You’re welcome.

PS  Who needs bones? DOGS love gnawing on grating cheese rinds like Parm and Grana, and cheese rinds do wonders for canine health.


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