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Watch Us Make Fairway Market Mozzarella, The Stuff of Legend

You haven’t truly tasted mozzarella until you’ve eaten it fresh out of the cheesemakers hands, minutes old.

I knew I had the best job ever when still-warm mozzarella appeared before me. The flavor: unfathomably fresh and milky-sweet. The texture: light, ethereal, melt-in-my-mouth.

Mozz is mozz until you’ve tried the really, really good stuff. And here, good means fresh. With ensuing hours and days, mozzarella is still fine, but it loses a bit of its splendor. We know this intuitively at Fairway, which is why we go through all the trouble to make batch after batch after batch of mozzarella, all day, every day.

Watch as our own curd is transformed before your eyes into the most delicious, freshest, most handmade ‘fior di latte’ on the planet. Pillow-soft and perfect, you’ll never go back to whatever quotidian mozzarella sufficed before.

You don’t have to do much with Fairway mozzarella, or anything at all. But if you’re moved to anoint it in some of our world-famous olive oil and grind a few turns of fresh pepper on top, I wouldn’t argue. It’s also wonderful shredded with your fingers and laced in artisanal pasta and ribbons of basil. Or sliced and stacked with heirloom tomatoes, or grilled eggplant. Or layered in lasagna, or proudly displayed atop bruschetta.

Watch fresh curd become life-changing mozzarella. Such simple, delicious alchemy:

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