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Hot Chocolate Fix! NibMor Organic Drinking Chocolate

Meet Leah Oppenheim, part of the Fresh Foods team here at Fairway.  She is currently focusing on private label products, packaging, labeling, and R&D for the group.  Leah earned a BA in Economics at Brown University, is a dual US/French citizen, and enjoys roaming food markets wherever she travels. 

One wonderful perk of working at Fairway is the opportunity to try good food, frequently.  One product that caught my eye, or taste buds I should say, is NibMor Organic Drinking Chocolate.  I initially tried it because I try almost anything that looks promising, and a sample of hot chocolate was especially hard to say no to.  From a flavor standpoint, it was definitely a treat – smooth, chocolatey, and so satisfying.

But here was the kicker:  no sugar crash when I was fully ready to suffer one in exchange for enjoying a sweet treat that good.  Upon closer inspection of the product, I learned that it is because NibMor uses Coconut Palm Sugar, which is low on the glycemic index.  If only more products were like that and as delectable!  Sure I knew some foods were low glycemic, but up until that moment I hadn’t found any that I was actually excited to eat.

I returned back to the box and was delighted to find other worthy attributes that for me make NibMor a winner – the cocoa mix is Fair Trade Certified, organic, O-U kosher, non GMO, and for those who don’t mix the chocolate with milk and use water instead, the product is vegan.   But trust me, mixing that chocolate with hot milk is dee-licious.

So now NibMor has been upgraded in my Hierarchy of Good Food from one-time-treat-because-I-happened-upon-it to a staple that I keep in my home and reach for frequently.  I have since branched out to the Mint variety, which as you can imagine is a tasty twist.

It’s definitely a high to have found a sweet treat that is this pleasing, won’t cause sugar crashes, and has a whole host of other feel-good attributes to boot.  Check it out in our Organics section, I bet you’ll be a fan soon too!

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