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Cheese of the Week: Cashel Blue for St. Patty’s Day

I say Cash’l; some say Cash-ELL. I also say Cashel Blue is as good as the best Gorgonzola of my life, and Gorgonzola is one of my FIVE FAVORITE CHEESES EVER. Cashel is A MUST-NOT MISS!

You might not think of blue cheeses and Ireland as an obvious pair…but this lovely blue has that rustic, brawny Irish cheese taste and a story with a happy ending. 

Kicked out of England 300 years ago for religious differences, the Grubb family packed up and took up buttermaking in County Tipperary, Ireland. Several generations later, the family’s still making dairy. Since the 1980’s they’ve been crafting Ireland’s first and signature blue, made from their herd of 100 Fresian cows…Cashel Blue, which you will find behind Fairway’s mind-blowing cheese counter. Go ahead, ask for a taste.

The best Cashel Blue is made from April to October when the cows are out to pasture—the cheese ages for several months and comes into its peak of deliciousness right about NOW. Creamy, minerally, and full-bodied, with a mild blue tang.

Now you have a lovely chunk of Cashel in your kitchen…what to do next? Serve with peppadew peppers, or sweet/spicy Mostarda di Cremona, and a crusty loaf of bread. Awesome in a salad with dried figs; melted in a panini with caramelized onions and apple; or folded into whole wheat pasta and wilted spinach. To drink? A frothy Guinness will do the trick, or an off-dry Riesling to cut the funk with a hint of sweet. Enjoy! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from all of us at Fairway Market.

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