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National Cheese Lovers Day & Steve’s Cheese Plate Picks

More cheese, please? Fairway Market has you very, very covered.

Every day is a cheese celebration at Fairway, where we proudly exalt cheese as one of the world’s most magnificent foodstuffs, and offer you a breathtaking array of the finest (approximately) 600 cheeses from a dozen countries and counting.

But National Cheese Lovers Day, which is Sunday, January 20th (sorry for the short notice!), is the perfect opportunity to pay homage to cheese’s splendor with a no-holds-barred spread of your absolute favorites.

Take a cue from the 2013 Presidential Inauguration Luncheon and check out Toma Celena and Jersey Girl Colby, both from the local Milford, New York Cooperstown Cheese Company and available at Fairway’s cheese counter. Like a whole lot of other highly delicious things, we at Fairway were one of the very first to carry these rustic, big-flavored, wonderful cheeses, handmade from hormone-free milk from Lester Tyler’s Sunny Acres Farm.

If you are looking for some cheese plate-assemblage inspiration, check out this classic video from our archives: Steve takes us on a journey of putting together a rocking, crowd-pleasing cheese platter.

Happy National Cheese Lovers Day from all of us at Fairway Market! We hope you celebrate with some cheesy goodness.



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