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New from our Superstar Chefs: The Fairway Charcutier’s Classic Pate and Terrine

Entertaining? Looking for a treat? Head to Fairway’s deli counter and don’t leave without a hunk of these intensely decadent, flavorful creations made with love and time-honored recipes by our talented chefs. Here’s what’s new and incredible:

PATE D’AGNEAU ET DE VEAU AUX FOIE DE PORC (pate of lamb and veal with pork liver)

This is an artisanal example of classic charcuterie, made by hand, from scratch, a coarse-textured ‘country’-style pate with excellent flavor and texture.  It contains no preservatives.  It is meant to be served in thin slices along with crusty, country-style farmer’s bread and certainly cornichons, the little gherkins that are omnipresent with fine pates.

TERRINE DE FOIE DE VOLAILLE (chicken liver pate)

This exquisite loaf is extremely rich, creamy and delicate, with deep, irresistible flavor, and it is in the classic style of French charcuterie that values highly the livers of not just ducks and geese, but certainly those from chickens, too.  Each terrine is handmade from scratch, contains no preservatives, and is a classic example of artisanal French charcuterie.  We love to serve this terrine as a first course with toasts and a sweet component (such as any of our Belgian Belberry or Burgundian La Trinquelinette fruit preserves).

PORCHETTA (pore-KEH-tah)

Porchetta is without doubt one of the greatest of the great recipes of Italian culinary tradition.  It has been selected by the Italian Ministery for Agricultural Products as such for having such enormous cultural relevance.  Wildly popular all over Italy, it is most associated with Lazio, the region of Rome.  Porchetta has become staple in numerous areas of the United States and Canada.  It is essentially a whole pig that has been gutted, deboned and arranged carefully with layers of stuffing, meat, fat, skin, and then rolled, tied, spitted and roasted, traditionally, over a wood fire.  Garlic, rosemary, fennel and other herbs play an important role in the triumphant event that is porchetta.  It is served as a sandwich or as a main course, hot or lukewarm, and is a wonderful excuse for picnics.

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