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NEW Beautiful Wooden Boards, Accessories from Oregon at Fairway

A piece of good cheese deserves a lovely cheese board. For many years, we’ve devoted our lives to finding you the most delicious, cool, wonderful foods from the far reaches of the world. Now we proudly introduce pate boards, cutting boards, and more on which to display your Fairway Market bounty; as well as lovely spreaders for serving and schmear-ing.

We are big fans of the kitchen accessories coming from Out of the Woods of Oregon. Such big fans that we’re putting our name on this stuff. Based in Eugene, the company re-purposes scraps of wood from local furniture manufacturers, which would otherwise become garbage, and crafts them into wonderful cutting boards, serving boards, spice racks, and other products.

All of the wood is Oregon red alder, a sustainable hardwood that flourishes in the coastal Pacific Northwest. They even use the sawdust waste to heat the company’s buildings! We love their green practices and beautiful boards for serving cheese, pate, dips, and other nibbles.

These are surprisingly affordable. I stocked up on a few so that I can bring them for host gifts (a bottle of wine? been there, done that). Somehow, people are always short on serving boards and little knives and such, and you can come to the rescue and save the day.


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