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Welcome Argentinian Mendoza!! Our Wonderful Newest Addition to Our Barrel EVOO Lineup

It’s spicy.

It says so on the bottle. And that was Steve’s first comment when he leaned his head back and took a big ol’ swig, as Steve is wont to do.  PS: It’s Steve who writes the eloquent descriptions on our 13…now 14…Fairway-labeled olive oils.

It’s also Steve who traverses the world, finds the groves, befriends the growers and millers, and imports our regionally specific unfiltered olive oils in 200-kilo barrels.

Today is a big day: our very first South American barrel oil has arrived from the lush foothills east of the Andes in the Mendoza region. We’ve pumped the oil into bottles, affixed our pretty label, and stocked it on our shelves…for you to taste, and swoon, and drizzle lasciviously.

It’s hot and black peppery and stinging…silky smooth, rich, balanced, and brawny. This is no olive oil for the meek. It’s a picual, arbequina, coratina, and manzanilla blend–the olives hail from the districts of Mendoza, La Rioja, San Juan, and Catamarca. In Steve’s words, “an olive oil of fascinating complexity that is a slap rather than a caress.”

What to do with the bottle that you’d be silly not to take home immediately? I’m asking myself the same question. The piquant pepperiness is going to sing on an arugula salad (maybe with fennel and grapefruit; or black olives and pecorino). It’s going to get poured into little bowls and dipped into with Fairway’s perfect baguettes and pillowy focaccia. It’s going to proudly top a simple margherita pizza. It’s going to save me, some latelate hungry night, when I boil up some pasta and toss it with nothing but chili flakes, black pepper, parmigiano reggiano and a generous swig of Fairway Argentinian EVOO.

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