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Gobble! Gobble! What We’re Eagerly Anticipating Devouring this Thanksgiving

Classic Roast TurkeyHappy Thanksgiving! What a perfect holiday for cooks and food-lovers. The autumnal bounty gets translated into no-holds-barred fall feasting. Perhaps you’ve already been mulling over the menu for weeks. There are pies to bake and potatoes to mash and turkeys to carve. Fairway Market is buzzing with food shoppers stocking their kitchen with green beans, our life-changing pies, sweet potatoes, crusty bread, show-off-able turkeys, squash of all shapes and sizes, cheeses mild and stinky, fragrant spices, and so much more.

Here are a few Thanksgiving favorites that we’re already fantasizing about:

Stuffing with sausage! I could ditch everything and just eat that. -Robert Reinisch, GM of Fairway, Stamford

There is no true Thanksgiving in a Spanish (Puerto Rican or Dominican) home without Pernil (aka pork shoulder)! I’ve never made one, but I know you have to season it days before and put in over four over 3 hours! – Melissa Paez, Fairway Marketing

I have a big tin of French foie gras d’oie (goose liver pate) given to me by a French friend.  I will serve it as an appetizer with brioche and a Chateau Suidirault, a prized Sauterne that doesn’t cost nearly so much as a Chateau d’Yquem. –the inimitable Steve Jenkins

Truth be told, my favorite Thanksgiving dish is the sandwich I make myself the Friday following the holiday. My slice of heaven is left-over dark meat turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce piled high between two lightly toasted slices of challah dressed with good old Hellman’s mayo. I’ve got gratitude. Does it get any better? – Lori Levy, Director of Trade and Product Development

Being British, I had never celebrated Thanksgiving before moving here last year and therefore had never tried a lot of the traditional Thanksgiving foods. I was particularly curious about Pumpkin Pie.   What was it?  Was it a savory dish or a sweet dish?   Did you eat it for dinner or for dessert?   Now I’m addicted to it!   My favorite of our pies have to be pumpkin, pecan and sweet potato.  Thankfully – as I’m not sure I’d trust myself with a whole pie – we sometimes have individual portions of them in the cafe so I can have a slice with my afternoon cup of tea (I have to keep something from home)! –Caroline Higgins, Marketing and Special Events

Challah stuffing with apples and cranberries.  It adds a little sweetness and a Jewish twist to an American classic.  You can find it on the kosher Thanksgiving menu. – Rebecca Martin, Director of Kosher Catering and Prepared Foods

All leftovers mixed together in a HUGE bowl, topped with gravy!!!! – Will Sneddon, Director of Import Merchandizing

As for me, I’m looking forward to quality time in the kitchen with my mom and a few luxuriously lazy days.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! We have so much to be thankful for—like this bounty of fabulous food, and the family, friends, and neighbors we get to call our customers.

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