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Snack Attack! Our Favorite Back to School (and Anytime) Snacks

Happy Labor Day! It’s the time of year to pack in all the beach-ing, barbecuing, and lazy day-ing glory before we kick back into high gear with fall and all that entails–the end of summer, the start of school, and the return to our go-go-go, all-cylinders-running lives.

We’re already thinking about food for fall, of course. Snacking is vital: it keeps our energy revved for the millions of fabulous things we plan to accomplish in our jam-packed days. We take the snacks we pack for our kids seriously, too. Healthy and delicious snacking will keep their bellies and bodies satiated and their minds sharp. Here’s what the Fairway team is snacking and packing:

One of my favorite snacks is something I utterly adore but that I have managed to forbid myself for the last couple of years – my exclusively imported Anavieja Spanish olive oil-fried, Murcia smoked paprika-dusted potato chip, the finest potato chip I have ever tasted.  I also keep jars of grilled Italian onions, artichokes, mushrooms, tomatoes and sweet peppers packed in sunflower oil at hand, literally – in my desk drawer, with napkins and any of several brands of crackers.  My pocket knife serves to fish them out of the wide-mouthed jars as well as to slice the various vegetables. And from Calabria, the southern region known for serious poverty and crime, we import the happy stuff, the positive side of this fascinating area – figs packed with molasses in jars, and fig cakes in 4 different shapes, and teeny-weentsy hot red  spherical chiles.  These are my favorite snacks. – Steve Jenkins

Nutella and strawberries! An apple and peanut butter is a great snack before or after the gym. Chobani Champions are great snacks for kids. I also love 18 Rabbits granola bars. Our own Fairway lightly salted popcorn with hot sauce. Cashews, pistachios, Tumbador PB&J chocolate bars. – Heather Bauman

I have such a sweet tooth. Anything sweet I will eat. As a kid I loved Mallomars. My latest obsession is the Crème Brule Nut Mix (aka “Crack Mix) and the other day I fell in love with the Kitchen Sink Cookie at Fairway.  – Lauren Golden

Homemade popcorn with truffle oil and salt…or olive oil and truffle salt, whichever you have or have access to. New combinations are always fun – a  recent one for me is salt, rosemary, and chili flakes blended with a mortar and pestle, sprinkled over warm, slightly olive oil-ed popcorn. -Leah Oppenheim

Peanut butter and crackers was always my go-to snack as a kid. For a “healthy” twist, why not ants on a log? Peanut butter, celery sticks, raisins. Fun, not so bad, and kids can make it themselves. – Ryan Casey

Hummus and anything that can be dipped into it (celery, chips, crackers, sticks of cucumber, sticks of pepper, heads of broccoli – or my personal favourite – pretzel chips). We sell little individual pots of hummus that come with pretzel chips – ideal for a packed lunch. Granola bars are always good for a packed lunch, too. Yogurts or little pots of mousse (preferably chocolate) are good too, if you’ve got a fridge to keep them in. – Carlone Higgins

I was not raised in a “snacky” home, BUT my 3 year-old LOVES string cheese (organic Horizon brand), she loves peanut butter and jelly and tuna fish (with mayo) on saltine crackers…..she loves carrots, she loves to drive me crazy :) – Melissa Paez

EVERYTHING is a snack to me… – Mika Sneddon

As for me, my first stop is the produce section–grapes, cherries, cherry tomatoes, sliced-up bell peppers, pluots and plums…whatever fruits and veggies are juicy and fresh. I’m all about chunks of manchego, or one of our hundreds of wonderful cheeses….Ripe avocado smeared on toast. Really good granola. Roasted chickpeas with salt, cumin, and lots of cracked black pepper, like my grandfather used to make.

What do you love to munch on? Happy snacking!

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