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Proudly Introducing Fairway Market Westbury!


Yesterday was the big day. We cut the ribbon and opened the doors to our eleventh food store.

After months of building shelves, installing refrigeration, training a wonderful team, and painting the walls with splashy murals, we were ready to go. The fruits and veggies were stacked as high as the eye can see; the fish counter was gleaming with just-from-the-boats seafood; our cheesemongers looked dapper in their pressed chef’s whites by the wheels upon wheels of cheeses they had arranged impeccably.

Suddenly, we were bagging groceries and slicing roast beef like nobody’s business. I got to hang out by the olive oils, chatting about why our barrel oils rock and singing the praises of our new swoon-worthy vinegars. “Try this, try that!” I kept exclaiming, all shaken up about how good our Catalan Arbequina EVOO is, and how Este Olive tastes like Tuscan sunshine. 

The excitement was palpable. The sales were ridiculous ($5.99/lb filet mignon!). The crowds were intense, at times. I helped customers find pomegranate molasses, and rice bran vinegar, and “those awesome dulce de leche cookies.”

All our stores are impressive and awe-inspiring, but everyone seemed to think there is something particularly wonderful about Westbury. I agree; this store has that special something. It’s big: 68,000 square feet of hand-rolled bagels, premises-roasted coffee, smoked-by-our-experts salmon, made-how-you-like-‘em smoothies, and so much more. This is our first store with a full-service Kosher counter, which offers prepared foods, fresh fish, and highest quality meats. We nearly sold out of our veggie-fed, hormone-free Kosher Murray’s rotisserie chickens, which have a following, and rightly so. So much seriously good food under one rooff-t’s something to get excited about.

Here’s a little look. You’ll get a better one when you come see for yourself. See you there!


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